Dear Members

            The next meeting is on Wednesday April 13th 2005 at 700pm.  The location is Bldg 140 Niagara St. (Shoreline Apts.).  Ring buzzer marked Community Room.  This is the high rise bldg in the middle of the parking lot at the City Hall end of the Shoreline property on Niagara St.

Members present at the March meeting


Stan Fitzgerald            John Christiano           Dick Topinko             Jerry Collins

Jim Len                       Lee Batchelor              Jim Brown                  Jack Green

Mark Irwin                 Charlie Ferraro            John Tedesco              Bob Caico

John Rovnak               Joe Cardina                 Eric Marlinski


            The first USA Boxing Clinic hosted by Ring 44 was a success. We had a very good turnout of interested participants. Mark Irwin was very involved and very detailed as he taught this new class of potential Ring Officials. There are already requests for another. It was unfortunate that a few came all the way from Salamanca and got to the front of the building and some last minute miss-communication caused us to miss them.  I ran into them a few nights later at the great boxing show that the Casal’s put on in Niagara Falls and they accepted my apologies and were in great spirits about the whole thing and promised to be at the next one.

            This coming meeting will be the final completion of the selection process and confirmation of the Six Hall of Fame inductees. The selection Committee will present its recommendation and findings to the group for finalization.  As in the past the Committee has researched the entire list and will present the candidates whom they have concluded are the most overall qualified in a ranked order of preference. The attending paid members will be involved in the final decision making process. At this point I want to thank everyone for their interest and this truly looks like we are on our way to another very impactive year.

            As you all know our banquet is scheduled at Salvatore’s for Friday August 19th.

The following guest who are already committed to join us and share in our event are legendary boxing trainer Lou Duva; former world welterweight champion Billy Backus; world heavyweight contender Joe Mesi (dad, Jack and brother Tom); outstanding former boxer and highly decorated WW ll Veteran Mr. Tony Zito. Also joining us are State Senator Byron Brown and Erie County Legislature Chairman George A. Holt. Jr.  And yes, Angelo Prospero will return this year. Actually he never stopped working and contributing to the success of Ring 44. He just had a positive dilemma which, with our blessings, prevented him from attending last year’s affair.  I am trying to keep both feet on the ground but how can you not start feeling the excitement in the air. Ron Toy celebrated a birthday this past Sunday and rumor has it that this is his last birthday as a single man. I hear that Miss Debbie Litteck will be Mrs. Ron Toy between now and next year. As we said “That boy’s in love”.  Don’t tell anybody but I heard the rumor from Ron himself.  More is to come on that and we will keep you posted.

            We are really getting some continuity and consistency in the presentation of our boxing shows. Please get a copy of Sports and Leisure for information on the local boxing scene. Bob Caico is doing a great job in covering the events and doing follow up stories. And go into on your computer and catch Bob Caico’s article on the pro card at the Turning Stone this past Saturday.  Ray and Leslie Casal are doing such a fine job that sellouts are seeming to become the norm for their presentations. The St. Patty’s Day Punch Out was to a standing room only crowd and it was great. The card was great and exciting and it is truly living up to the name of the facility, Family Fun Center. I am having as much fun with the fans that I have met and sit with as I am with the staff and boxers. Fans are starting to bond and look forward to meet and sit together at the upcoming shows. I met and had a brief encounter with Joe Anderson of Smokin Joe’s who was there.  Mr. Anderson is involved in a multitude of projects dedicated to revitalizing Niagara Falls and together with the Casals are doing a wonderful job of creating a huge following by organizing and presenting a great product with extraordinary class.

            The Lackawanna Boxing club proudly presents




Saturday April 16, 2005      600PM      donations $10.00 Presale and $15.00 at the door.

Tickets sold at Lackawanna Boxing Club  823-4195  Mon. – Fri.    500pm-700pm

Uncle Joe’s Restaurant  648-7154                  or by calling Frank at 674-0932

You can also contact me Jack Green at 856-9365. Roy Brasch and Frank Balsano are working very hard and sacrificing quite a bit to make this a hit.  This has all the makings of a great show. Hope to see you there.

            There have been some very informative articles on the boxing atmosphere in Buffalo and the challenge facing our local boxers in all of the Newspapers of our area. The successful levels reached by our amateurs and pros on a continuous basis, and the national recognition of such, combined with the great interest exhibited by our community is a reaffirmation of the great tradition our sport is to this community. Hold your head up and be proud guys, you are doing a tremendous job. To all of our brothers on our sick list we are still keeping you in our thoughts and prayers and looking forward to when we will get an opportunity to spend some time with you again. I am also including a note sent by our member John Cummiskey in Bradford PA who wanted to share some information with us in the loss of someone special from his area. Thank you again gentlemen and see you soon and “Keep Punching”.

                                                                                    Sincerely Yours



                                                                                       Jack Green