Dear Members

            The next meeting is on Wednesday September 8th 2004 at 700pm.  The location is Bldg. 140 Niagara St. (Shoreline Apts.).  Ring buzzer marked Community Room.  This is the high rise bldg. in the parking lot at the City Hall end of the Shoreline property on Niagara St.

Members present at August’s meeting

Jerry Collins               Bob Caico                   Dick Wipperman        Jim Brown     

Sam Butera                  Charlie Ferraro            John Tedesco              Jack Green

Stan Fitzgerald


            Ladies and Gentlemen you have again captured the excellent class and character that dwells within the membership of this organization and amazed and inspired our friends and families who opted to join us and celebrate the 8th Annual Hall of Fame Dinner Banquet. This comment and the following are in reference to each and every one of you because every member of this organization and the loved ones who help and support us are “individual assets that add to the greatness of the whole).


“Jack (quick note) Once again thank you for last weekend in Buffalo. It was fun and the people wonderful.  Stay in touch, the best to you     Bert Sugar”


“Dear Jack I want to thank you for inviting me to your Banquet. I enjoyed it very much and it was an excellent affair and the food was excellent.  My family also enjoyed it very much.  We hope to attend next year.  Jack Thanks again and it was a very enjoyable evening.  Your friend in Boxing.  Tony “Butch” Zito”


“Hi Jack, thanks again and again for putting History into my family plot.  I’ll never forget all the kind things you did and showed to me and my family.   Thanks again Larnese.

P.S.  VIC’S DAUGHTER!!!!!!!!

Make no mistake about it; while these notes are addressed to me; the message is clearly to all of you and these people know it. These are direct responses from the way that you embrace them and befriend them during the affair. This just touches the surface. I have received many complimentary phone calls and congratulatory messages. I am going share more comments from the membership in the next newsletter. 

            We were very fortunate to have Joe Mesi, Les Ralston and Nick Casal in attendance and seized the opportunity of having a photo shoot with these great athletes. Nick was on hand to be recognized by us for his excellent amateur career and I am sure we are all looking forward to celebrating another victory with him as he approaches his next bout which is scheduled for October 2nd in the Mandala Bay Resort in Las Vegas Nevada. Nick will be performing on the undercard of a Showtime Scheduled event featuring Vladimir Klichko vs. DaVarryl Williamson as the main event. Also Amer Abdallah has scheduled another one of his outstanding shows at the Keenan Center in Lockport NY on October 9th. For more information call (716) 439-5232. All of this information and more is available in this month’s addition of Sports and Leisure Magazine. As always Bob Caico has added his intuitive and insightful observations of what is going on in the local boxing scene.

            Let’s include Johnny McCarthy, Rocky Fumerelle, and John Dulinawka in our thoughts and prayers that they persevere and recover from some challenging situations.  We all know how special these gentlemen are.

            Thanks again for everything and will be seeing you soon.


                                                                        Sincerely yours



                                                                           Jack Green