Dear Members

            The next meeting is on Wednesday March 9th 2005 at 700pm. The location is Bldg. 140 Niagara St. (Shoreline Apts.).  Ring buzzer marked Community Room.  This is the high rise bldg. in the parking lot at the City Hall end of the Shoreline property on Niagara St. 

Members present at January’s meeting

            Sam Butera                  Jack Green                  Jim Brown                  Jim Len

            Jerry Collins               Bob Caico                   Mark Irwin                 Ron Toy

            Dick Wipperman        John Rovnak

Members present at February’s meeting

            Jerry Collins               John Rovnak               Jack Green                  Jim Brown

            John Christiano           John Tedesco              Joe Cardina                 Bob Caico      

            Mark Irwin                


We are formalizing a sick list and we will have members of the group maintain contact with those of us who are unable to participate in the activities. Some additional measures are being formulated in helping to keep all of our spirits up by doing certain user friendly things with some of our members on that list that can participate on a limited basis. And as always we will continue to pray for a great quality of life and happiness for everyone.


Ring 44 Sick List

John Dulinawka          John McCarthy          Charlie Basile              Lee Bachelor

Rocky Fumerelle         Pete Elia                      Dario Antuono            Joe Cardina

John Commisky

Coming back from ailing health

Jack Green                  Joe Cardina                 John Christiano           Tommy Stenhouse


            We might also pray that our creator provides comfort and a path towards recovery from some personal problems in the lives of Amer Abdallah and his Family.

It has been established that I and the other officers would accept the nomination to run again this year for our current offices. Each office has had no new nominees; therefore the officers are un-opposed and re-elected. Gentlemen as honored as I am and as privileged as I feel in my capacity as President I am keenly aware that it is the team effort that successfully meets the challenges created by the spiraling popularity and achievements of our organizations.  I am really glad that last month’s newsletter gave you an opportunity to see the expertise that we have at our disposal. I thank you for your loyalty because we need each and every one of these guys. They are great to work with and Angelo Prospero said something about this staff that is very true. He said “Jack, we’re a team and I’m glad to work with these guys we all leave our ego’s at the door”    

Jim Brown gives a treasurer’s report every meeting.  Any members who do not attend any specific meetings are entitled to that information. As a paid member, if you want a copy of our treasure’s report, just notify an officer or member that you are in contact with and we will see that you get a copy.

Submitted Candidates for Ring 44 Hall of Fame for 2005

Ted Whitfield  Rocky Cudney  Tony Ventura  Pat Quillo  John Chimera

Bud Christiano  Joe Matisi  Frankie Best  Al Baldisino  Don Elbaum

Bernie Blancher  Al Quinny  Manny Quinny  Al Rogers  Jimmy Gilligan

Louis Przystal  Steve Halaik  Bennie Ross  Willie “KO” Brennan  Dick Loadman


Submitted Candidates for Person of the Year Award for 2005

Joe Masalla     Gene Vuklic     


The committee will meet on more than one occasion and fine tune the list of Hall of fame Candidates and present a tailored and fine tuned list at the March meeting. This list should be qualified and completed and agreed upon by the participating members at the March meeting. The last meeting was the deadline for submitting names for the hall. However, you can still submit candidates for the Person of the year. If you have a serious legitimate circumstance that might have prevented you from submitting a Hall of Fame candidate in the proper time frame please contact an officer and present you name and the circumstances.

The National Conference for Community and Justice Awards luncheon was a very classy and elegant venue in honoring outstanding leaders in our community who are a part of the very foundation of the successes of the citizens of Western NY. John Tedesco myself, Jerry Collins and Joe Cardina were among the approximately 800 people to witness this event. A very deserving Joe Mesi received the SISTER/BROTHERHOOD AWARD IN SPORTS. There were many boxing fans on hand and as usual, in addition to us, the Mesi Family alone had a great crew in attendance.

For those of you who have been asking about Ron Toy, He showed up at the meeting and confirmed the rumors that we have been hearing about him. Yes it is true; Ron Toy is helplessly and hopelessly in love. Her name is Debbie and she lives out of town. That is why we haven’t seen much of him. Ron held Jerry Collins hostage out in the parking lot just talking about her. Dick Wipperman just through up his hands. Jerry walked up to me after the meeting and said “that boy is in love!”  I have met her and she is a great lady. I know that we don’t usually get into such personal involvements but after talking to Ron I truly believe this is an ongoing saga that we all should keep an eye on.

We will be having a free USA Boxing sponsored Clinic on March 9th for anyone interested in increasing their technical knowledge and skill in the sport. Anyone interested in becoming a referee or a judge should sign up for the course. The class will last for four hours with a one hour break.        

The clinic is to be held on Wednesday March 9th at the same destination as our regular meeting. It will start at 5:00pm and go to 7:00pm. Our regular Ring 44 meeting will go from 7:00pm to 8:00pm and the Clinic will resume at 8:00pm and end at 10:00pm. If anyone has any questions bout the clinic you can contact Mark Irwin at

(585)590-0110 or myself at (716) 856-9365. Mark’s area code is in Medina NY which is not that far if anyone’s concern is long distance charges. I will not be available from now until Monday February 28th. I will be out of town for a week. For important issues and emergencies I can be reached thru my Mom, Mildred Green (716) 896-1131.

            As usual please check out Bob Caico’s articles in the current Sports and leisure for the best update in the Boxing scene. I can tell you that one of our local favorites is scheduled to fight on ESPN2’s Friday night fights on February 25th. This is a Tony Holden production and will be held in Miami Oklahoma. The Casal camp is keeping busy and active and is planning two more bouts for Nick real soon. Bob also tells us that Rob Lewis and the Buffalo Boxing Academy recently hosted a very good show at their facility. My recovery process from my recent surgery did not allow me to attend but that was my loss. I am looking so forward to seeing all of my friends on the boxing scene real soon.

            Get ready for the St. Patty’s Day Punch Out at the Garden. Heavy weight Terry Carter in the Main Event. Featuring the Nationally ranked Boxers of Casal’s Boxing Club and other area Boxers. March 19th 2005. Doors open at 6:00pm and bouts start at 7:00pm.

“Smokin Joe’s Family Fun Center (Winter Garden) 304 Rainbow Blvd North in Niagara Falls NY. Tickets available at Smokin Joes and Casal’s Boxing Club. For more info contact Smokin Joe. 297-0251 ext.346. This is becoming more than a show it is a regular party and reunion of friends. You have to see it to believe it and the steady increase in attendance bears witness that the community is getting totally absorbed in its splendor.

            Also start preparing for a show hosted by the Lackawanna Boxing Club on April 16th 2005.  This will be held at Michaels Banquet Hall in Orchard Park. The facility is located on Southwestern Blvd. We will give you more. Roy Brasch really plans to make a statement here and get things going again in that area.

            Les Ralston and Hector Alejandro are doing a lot of training and have some irons in the fire. We will stay tuned and are looking forward to seeing them in action soon.

            It is also special for me when I get a chance to share some personal achievements of our family members in other fields. I am sure we all share the pride of Angelo Prospero and his family in the accomplishment of their daughter Andrea Jean Prospero who was recently appointed to a Professor of English Literature at the University of South Carolina. Remember it wasn’t too long ago that we were sharing in the wonderful news on their other daughter Theresa who was enshrined in the St. John Fischer Sports Hall of Fame for Basketball. I would also like to share with the group that my daughter Janine completed her first full feature length movie titled “One the One”. This movie stars Eartha Kit, Patty LaBelle, Tim Reid, Ben Vereen, and Gregory Hinds. This movie has been selected as a featured presentation at a well respected Film Festival in Los Angeles Ca. I will be joining her for the showing of this film and the ensuing festivities.

Again I want to thank each and every one of you for what you do in your own special way for this organization and for the sport of boxing. See you soon and “Keep Punching”


                                                            Sincerely yours