Dear Members

The next meeting is on Wednesday, June 9th 2004 at 700pm.  The location is Bldg. 140 Niagara St. (Shoreline Apts.).  Ring buzzer marked Community Room.  This is the High Rise Building in the parking lot at the City Hall end of Niagara St.


Members present at May�s meeting

John Rovnak               Sam Butera                  Lou Fumerelle             Rocky Fumerelle

Pete Elia                      Joe Cardina                 Tom Stenhouse           Charlie Ferraro

Mark Irwin                 John Tedesco              Lee Batchelor              Jim Len

Jack Green                  Jerry Collins


            Anyone who has the spare time should make it a point to attend the Boxing Hall of Fame Induction Weekend.  It is scheduled for June 10 � 13, 2004.  There are many free events as well as opportunities to be up close and personal with many of the great Boxers, present and past.  It is a fantastic affair. We have the information.  It is in Canastota New York.  Take the New York Thruway just beyond Syracuse to Exit #34.  For those of you with computers log on to  Phone # (315) 697-7095.

            It is also time for us to re-new our membership. In order to be accurate with our roster line up for the Banquet Program we ask that you try to be relatively prompt in your response.  I am not trying to pressure anyone there is still plenty of time.

            As always you can get the latest information and update on the local Boxing scene by getting the latest edition of Sports and Leisure Magazine Bob Caico is doing a fantastic job in reporting. You can also log on to 

            Now is also an excellent opportunity to extend some gratitude to one of our out of town members who also does a fine job of representing our organization and contributes to our success by giving us outstanding exposure on a national and international level. 

Bob Winkler�s website is /exchange.html.  Bob does a great job and you will find it very informative.

On May 15, Les Ralston made his television debut and dropped a unanimous decision to Sergio Mora.  Les appeared on local television upon his return home and he seemed to have taken the loss in stride. He feels he will learn from this and you can see that he still has the fire. Les is going to continue on his winning ways.  His record is now (13-2).

It was an impressive debut for Niagara Falls junior welterweight Nick Casal.  In his first professional bout, Casal earned a third-round technical knockout over Anthony Nelson.  You will be hearing much more from Nick real soon.

Tickets for our dinner are printed and order forms will be distributed soon, also order forms for ads will be coming to you all.



The dinner is on Friday August 13th 2004. Therefore all tickets must be accounted for no later than Thursday August 5th 2004.

Ads for the Program Banquet Book must be received no later than Friday

July 23, 2004.   This is just a quick preview.  This information will be forthcoming to you in detail very soon.  As in the past, this dinner will present its challenges but it is already taking some very heartwarming turns and stimulating excitement.  We will again need your cooperation and participation in order to capture the success.  You guys do an awesome job and this one will be a tremendous affair and a powerful yet elegant projection from Ring #44.

            August 5th 2004 will be the 100th Anniversary of Jimmy Slattery�s birth.  We have approved of organizing a trek to his grave on that date and laying a wreath at his gravesite.  It is official we will do this.

            The local boxing community was saddened by the deaths of former Buffalo Boxers, Colulmbus Lowman and Tommy Maddox.  Both men were good fighters and very popular and respected among their peers.  However I must say that for me Tommy Maddox is a personal loss as well.  My dad trained Tommy in the Fifties and he was a wonderful friend and unofficial adopted family member. He has been a joy to us as far back into my childhood as I can remember.

            Looking forward to seeing you guys soon and thanks again for everything. 


                                                                                    Sincerely yours

                                                                                      Jack Green