Dear Members

            The next meeting is on Wednesday November 10th 2004 at 700pm.  The location is Bldg. 140 Niagara St. (Shoreline Apts.).  Ring buzzer marked Community Room.  This is the high rise bldg. in the parking lot at the City Hall end of the Shoreline property on Niagara St.

            This is a stressful time for our Vice-President Jerry Collins and his family, who are mourning the loss of a loved one.  We don’t get over situations like this we just work through them as best we can and pray. Our prayers are with you Jerry and your family.  Also Pete Elia is ill and was in the Veteran’s Hospital but after talking to Mrs. Elia, I am told that he is doing much better and is back home and recovering.

            The Halloween Boxing Bash at The Garden was everything thing that it was advertised to be and much more. The matches and action was just tremendous.  The crowd was lively and excited.  You can easily see the experience that Ray and Leslie possess in promoting and running these shows.  They are both outstanding and accommodating hosts while at the same time responding with intense yet professional expertise to the moment to moment demands of such a quality affair. Nick Casal, the new young star in the family, was there to cheer his teammates on and his brother Anthony did not disappoint the crowd by showing a strong style in winning the main event.  Actually the Casal fighters were very successful on the card which contained some very good fighters representing a host of clubs from all over the Northeast.  In case you missed this one there is already another show scheduled by them on January 1st 2005 at the same place.  See you there! 

            Roy Brash of the Lackawanna Boxing Club is having a show on Saturday November 20th at the Lackawanna High School.  Roy always puts together a strong show.  He stresses quality. Roy does a lot of research before he commits to promoting a show which is why his are so powerful. I am looking forward to seeing you there and for ticket information call Roy at (716) 826-3422. 

            Les Ralston is keeping fit and was scheduled to fight on a Pro card in Rochester billed as “Boxing at the Roc”. The main event was for the New York State Welterweight Championship which was won by a strong performance by an excellent local fighter who bills himself as the” Spiderman”. Ron Resnick was the promoter and the show went well. There was a glitch and somehow Les’s fight could not take place. Obviously the Ralston camp was disappointed but I could also over hear some fans who were not to happy with the situation. Bob Caico and I went to the show and I was pleased to run into Rob D’Angelo and Bo Bilicki there. This is in no way any intent to criticize Ron Resnick. He is doing great things in Rochester and for boxing. We are fortunate to have him in our area. I am however stressing the popularity of our fighters and the pride that we take in knowing that the fans know quality when they see it and Les is quality. See you soon and thank you all.                                                              Sincerely yours